Timber Products


Request for information and orders

The species and timber products mentioned above are indicative: they are available depending on forest resources and commercial opportunities.

Logs products orders are sent to PALLISCO Company.  [ Go to contact page ].

Processed timber products orders should be addressed to SCBT.  [ Go to contact page ].


Information on our timber products

PALLISCO and CIFM companies propose the species and timber products identified in the tables below.

All these species are described in "Tree species files" created by PALLISCO Company, presented and downloadable from this site. [ Go to this page. ]

Timber products come from a forest management plan as approved by the Cameroon administration in charge of forests and implemented by PALLISCO Company. The corresponding notifications and attestations on the legality of activities are available on this site. [ Go to this page. ]

Timber products are available with either:
- OLB Certificate [ Go to this page. ]
- FSC Certification [ Go to this page. ]


List of timber products traded

1)FSC Version 15 of 24.05.2018

Nom courant Nom scientifique Code FSC
W1.1 W5.4 W6.1
Acajou Khaya ivorensis 197a      
Aiélé Canarium schweinfurthii 61      
Amouk Detarium macrocarpum 113      
Assamela Pericopsis elata 265      
Ayous Triplochiton scleroxylon 342      
Bété Mansonia altissima 223      
Bilinga Nauclea diderrichii 240      
Bossé clair Guarea cedrata 168a      
Dabéma Piptadeniastrum africanum 271      
Dibétou Lovoa trichilioides 213      
Doussié rouge Afzelia bipindensis 4c      
Essia (Abalé) Petersianthus macrocarpus *      
Eyong Eribroma oblongum *      
Fraké Terminalia superba 337      
Iatandza Albizia ferruginea *      
Iroko Milicia excelsa 230      
Kosipo Entandrophragma candollei 135      
Kotibé Nesogordonia papaverifera 244      
Koto Pterygota macrocarpa 287      
Lati Amphimas ferrugineus 13      
Moabi Baillonella toxisperma 34      
Niové Staudtia kamerunensis *      
Okan Cylicodiscus gabunensis 101      
Olon Zanthoxylum heitzii *      
Padouk rouge Pterocarpus soyauxii 281      
Pao rosa Swartzia fistuloides 326      
Sapelli Entandrophragma cylindricum 136      
Sipo Entandrophragma utile 137      
Tali Erythrophleum ivorense 141      
Tiama Entandrophragma angolense 134      
Wamba Tessmannia anomala *      

2)OLB Version 15 of 24.05.2018

Essences Nom scientifique Grumes Sciages Rabotés
SD / AD secs S4S Profilés
Acajou Khaya ivorensis          
Aiélé Canarium schweinfurthii          
Amouk Detarium macrocarpum          
Assamela Pericopsis elata          
Ayous Triplochiton scleroxylon quota        
Bété Mansonia altissima          
Bilinga Nauclea diderrichii          
Bossé clair Guarea cedrata          
Dabéma Piptadeniastrum africanum          
Dibétou Lovoa trichilioides          
Doussié rouge Afzelia bipindensis          
Essia (Abalé) Petersianthus macrocarpus          
Eyong Eribroma oblongum          
Fraké Terminalia superba          
Iatandza Albizia ferruginea          
Ilomba Pycnanthus angolensis          
Iroko Milicia excelsa          
Kosipo Entandrophragma candollei   AIC      
Kotibé Nesogordonia papaverifera          
Koto Pterygota macrocarpa          
Lati Amphimas ferrugineus          
Moabi Baillonella toxisperma          
Niové Staudtia kamerunensis          
Okan Cylicodiscus gabunensis          
Olon Zanthoxylum heitzii          
Padouk rouge Pterocarpus soyauxii          
Pao rosa Swartzia fistuloides          
Sapelli Entandrophragma cylindricum          
Sipo Entandrophragma utile          
Tali Erythrophleum ivorense          
Tiama Entandrophragma angolense   AIC      
Wamba Tessmania spp.          
SD = Shipping Dryed     Interdit législation du Cameroun
AD = Air Dryed       quota quotas administratifs
KD = Kiln Dryed         disponible
S4S = Surfaced 4 Sides       non disponible


List of wood species traded

      (1) Logging code, felling (Cameroon legislation).
      (2) : FSC Species Terminology, FSC-STD-40-004b (version 1-0) EN 20/12/2007.
            (* Reference actually not available by FSC)
      (3): CITES (list of 13/09/2007).