The exploitation of forest resource is carried out according to Cameroon national logging legislation and following the implementation of the management plan of the corresponding forest concession (FMU).

PALLISCO company has two full teams in charge of logging an annual felling surface allowing the simultaneous exploitation of two yards. The planning of the annual logging activities is performed according to trade, industrial and logistics constraints adding to that the weather.

The company regularly informs its employees and local populations on the location of the logging camps (internal and local communication).

The location map of forest activities is available per year. [ Go to this page ]

An Annual report of Intervention is produced according to the forest legislation at the end of exploitation for every cutting area exploited.

The following certificates are issued by the Administration for each concession operated and per fiscal year :
- "Certificate of conformity of logging standards" (Ministry in charge of Forests and Wildlife)
- " Certificate of respect for the environmental obligations " (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development)
- "Certification of tax compliance" (Ministry for Economy and Finance).
These documents are available per forest concession and per year. [Go to this page]

In its internal approach for sustainable management, PALLISCO Company has integrated the Reduced Logging Impact (RLI) in its workings since 1999:

 AgencyEFI training

March 1999

Intl training


December 2002

Intl training


December 2003

Intl training


November 2004

Intl training

Felling and skidding of timber

June 2006

Independent Trainers

Felling and skidding of timber

June 2007


Felling, skidding, tracks

March 2009


Felling and Bucking tree techniques

May 2011



August 2013

January - Febuary 2014

Febuary, July 

and November 2015



Controlled tree felling and sawing wood

The establishment of a logging quality control for each faller permits to follow the implementation of RLI techniques.

The "expertise" of the company´s logging is documented in a manual revised periodically following the company experience, information flows and operating requirements.

La taxe d´abattage (mensuelle) est payée sur la base de la surface exploitée. Ci-dessous les données enregistrées en 2018

FMUsExploited Volume m3Exploited Volume m3Amount paid (CFAF)

FMU 10030


59 591,87

158 353 695

FMU 10031




FMU 10039


28 521,07

66 814 054

FMU 10041




FMU 10042




FMU 10044

7 222

89 046,39


FMU 10047b





13 241

177 159,33

415 177 558